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Digital Hangouts Reinvented

Watch videos together, play games, or simply chat with friends or strangers all from within your browser!

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Virtual Rooms

Kosmi revolves around a virtual room system. You can think of virtual rooms as extensively featured chat rooms. Features include:

  • In-room chat
  • Webcam/Microphone support
  • Instant invite using a URL
  • Ability to run Real-time applications such as games, emulators and synced video
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Screenshare iconScreenshare

Share your whole screen(video and audio), a window or a browser tab with the members of the room!

Opens up the possibility to live share playing a game, watch movies or tv shows on Netflix together online or share anything on your screen you can think of!

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YouTube iconYouTube

Watch YouTube in sync together with your friends!

The Video is synced with everyone in the room so you can cowatch YouTube videos at will. Just put in a YouTube URL and click Play!

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Cowatch IconCowatch

Play local video files and watch them together with friends!

The video gets synced and streamed to other room members so you can watch together!

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Poker iconTexas Holdem Poker

Your own private Texas Holdem Poker table to play with your friends online!

It has webcam support so players faces appear right in their seats, making the experience feel almost as if you are playing in real life!

Poker Screenshot

Kosmi Offends the Galaxy iconKosmi Offends the Galaxy

Play a clone of Cards Against Humanity with your friends online in the browser with webcam and microphone support!

ATTENTION: This is an unofficial clone of the game and not affiliated with the Cards Against Humanity company in any way. The official website is at Please buy the real-life game there if you like it.

Remixed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Virtual Cardtable Screenshot

Virtual Cardtable IconVirtual Cardtable

Start an online Virtual Cardtable to play any cardgame with friends online!

Play any cardgame that can be played on a standard deck of cards.

It has webcam support so players faces appear right in their seats, making the experience feel almost as if you are playing in real life!

OpenArena Screenshot

OpenArena IconOpenArena

OpenArena is a free clone of the famous FPS Quake III Arena and this version allows for playing it in the browser! Start a server in the room and enjoy this classic FPS with room members!

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SNES Party logoNES Party and SNES Party

Online Multiplayer browser based NES or SNES Emulator to run in the room. Load a ROM and enjoy instant multiplayer with room members!

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Public Lobby

The public lobby allows users to discover rooms looking for people to join!

  • Public chat with Discord integration
  • List of public rooms to join

Kosmi SDK

The upcoming Kosmi SDK will allow Developers to develop their own apps to run inside Kosmi rooms.

For early access please contact sdk[at] with a description on what you can imagine using it for.

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